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Werda Cargo, a proudly South African road freight service provider, which also operates routes to Botswana, Lesotho & Namibia are in existence since 2005. Werda Cargo’s pride and focus and is in operating a fleet of reliable and well-maintained vehicles.

The Werda focus is to deliver a superior service and a personal touch in communication. We believe that personalised service, making time to understanding our customer needs and constant updates is a formula to success in road freight. We have extensive experience in containerised loads and are committed to new tracking and driver guidance technology.

Werda Cargo’s team believe in on-time service, good communication and backed by a dedicated administration is key in retaining customer confidence in using our road freight fleet.

Werda’s integrated fleet communication and tracking solution coupled with a real time satellite tracking system enables constant communication within our fleet and operations. Werda’s fleet is well prepared to embrace the modern transport environment, both on safety, security and driver support.

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